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Not your typical staffing company

Staffing is staffing. You need people, we find people. What makes us different is that we have worked these jobs and know how to identify talent. We also don’t work outside of our core areas of expertise. We aren’t the company that will try to get your business by over promising and under delivering.

Our job is to learn your unique business needs, then find, vet and deliver the right talent,  consistently.

Quality Assurance

We have become the leader in client satisfaction by offering a simple yet highly unused service... we ask how we are doing. Sounds crazy, right? We regularly and proactively survey each of our clients to not only see how our candidates are performing but to get insight into what we can do to offer a better service. The simple truth is that we invest a ton of time and money into getting new clients so we don’t want to waste our opportunity once they are given. We are a leader in the Milwaukee area simply because we provide a better service.



We use all possible channels to locate talent in your area. This includes paid job ads on social media and relevant job boards.


We search for top talent and then act as investigators to ensure they have a good work history and the skills you are after.

Flexible Billing

Your business is unique and we know it. We can work with you on the financial side to ensure we reduce barriers for your business.


You Can Trust

We dig in and learn about each candidate. We call references and past places of employment to ensure you get the best possible team members
We can work with you on both temporary or full time staffing needs. We understand that your business can fluctuate and are here to grow with you. We are happy to offer perm placement services as well as fill temporary gaps due to an absence of a full time team member.
We can offer online training for your position. Our goal is to get team members on-boarded and efficient as fast as possible. Just let us know how we can help that process.
Leave the payroll and benefits to us. Our workers are eligible for benefits with us so you don't have to foot the bill. Then, if they work out you are eligible to bring them on full time (permanently) to ensure a good investment.

Milwaukee’s best Staffing Company.

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